Clannad- After story part 1

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The hit series CLANNAD continues... following Tomiya and Negisa over the next ten years.

Sometimes a new beginning can start with a ''goodbye''. As summer vacation ends, Youhei slowly finds a way towards his future under the concerned and watchful eyes of his little sister Mei, complicated by Tomoya's ''brilliant'' plan to find a girl to pose as Youhei's girlfriend. The relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa develops and blossoms, even as Mei, Misai and Sanae all have their unique revelations concerning love, trust and their place in the world. But not every story ends with a ''happily ever after'' and unnoticed bu all, a dark cloud is building on the horizon, one that will shatter their young lives forever. The greatest tragedies and heartbreak lie ahead in the first collection of the masterpiece; Clannad After story


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